Foxberry x Dillian Whyte

Boxing has become a thing of fashion these days. From Tyson Fury flamboyant suits to Anthony Joshua Classic White Robe, however one fighter accessory that will never die is the classic snapback style which has proven to be a complimentary accessory to all fighters kit advertising themselves, coaching team and sponsorship deals. The snapback and boxer shorts worn into the ring gives you an insight into the fighters character and represents who they are as individuals. Foxberry Fan Dillian 'The Body Snatcher' Whyte, Title Contender takes on WBC Champion Tyson Fury in a all British heavyweight boxing showdown in 24 hours at London Wembley Stadium. 

During the build up to the fight Dillian Whyte has chosen to remain tight lipped about his plans to defeat Fury and become the new WBC champion. He has told the press and journalists when the bell goes this Saturday night he will let his gloves do the talking.

His understated approach to Saturday fight night explains why he is a favourite of our understated Trademark Fox Logo Snapback. So its time to put on your crown and lets conquer the world.

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